Amnesia at Thirty

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At 15, one still has some hope . . .

a positive outlook ? . . .

some would say a rose tinted view of life.

At that age, everyone has mistakes to make, rules to break, promises to make and never keep, secrets to hold on to...

At 15, that was my life.

I wasn't an easy child at the best of times, and my parents certainly never had a minute to think for themselves with me.

I still find myself remembering what I put my poor parents through and find myself horrified in the mirror at some of the things I did.

Mitching was the least trivial in perspective to all of this lol, and I would have to say my choice of boyfriends was definately not the best lol.

At 15 your hormones are raging, you hate your parents, you hate your life, and your friends are your only "refuge", well you are bound to make some fucking stupid mistakes!

On Saturday night, I was having a drink with some of the girls that I work with. Halfway through the night I found myself defending one of the girl's daughters who had come up in conversation during the night.

My friends daughter is 16, eight years my junior . . . and is going through "that time" and she just couldn't understand why her daughter acted the way she had. All the girls jumped and I could just hear . . .

"I would put her out"

"Batter her te fuck"

"If she was mine I'd have her fuckin killed so I would!"

To be honest I just found myself thinking " Do these women not remember what the hell it was to be 15 or 16?"

So I put the question to her . . .

" I do aye, but that's why she won't be gettin' up to any of that shite, I know what we were all at when we were young, so I know what she is at, and I'm havin' non' o' it!"

"Fair 'nuf but you do realise she hates ya?"

"Fuck 'aff"

"Come on down 'aff yer high horse and remember when you were 16, are you tellin' me ye didn't hate yer fuckin' ma an' da?"

"No I did not, we mighta fought an' all but tha's all in the past naw"

"Come on, yer telling me everything was sugar an' spice with yer ma an' da? **ripple of laughter around the room** Yer honestly gon' ta sit there an' tell me you never hated yer ma or yer da?"

"Aye, I didn't"

"Fair 'nuf but when I was 15 I fuckin' hated mine!"

"Good for you but we ain't all you"

And then one of the others joined in

"Well I remember me an' my da couldn't even sit in the same room fer fifteen minutes an' we would 'av killed one an'naw"

"See told ya - did you fall an' hit yer head missus?"

"Fuck aff you" **Laughs**

So true though, you would think some parents were born into this world as adults and never had a teenage rebellion . . .

Seems like once people hit thirty, marry, and have kids, they suddenly have amnesia and forget their teens lol.

Then they wonder why their kids hate them?